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On-Site Computer Services for Macon County, North Carolina - (828) 342-0782

    Services available:

  • Virus and spyware removal, This is usually done without any loss of your pictures, documents, or other personal files.

  • Speeding up your computer. This is done through a series of tweeks, cleanup routines, and often also means adding memory to your computer.

  • Data recovery. Recovering data off hard drives that have failed or that have been formatted or files deleted by mistake. Each drive must be evaluated to find out if recovery is possible.

  • Junk file removal

  • Diagnosing and repairing or replacing broken hardware

  • Setting up your high speed internet service

  • Checking protection--Making sure your protection is up-to-date and doing its job.

  • Copying or removing files off of one computer and putting them on another computer or on backup media.

  • System backup

  • Hard drive cloning (making an exact duplicate of the hard drive)

  • Secure erasing of old hard drives.

  • Helping you buy a new computer or printer.

  • Other? Just ask.

Rates: $50/hour plus travel. Payment due when service is rendered

If you would like service, please call Lizzz at (828) 342-0782.

CompTIA A+ certified technician with MANY years of experience.

WhiteSmoke Writer 2010


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