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(07/29/2010)Added an article about preventing online banking thefts and other cybercrimes against businesses Protect Your Business From the Cybercrime Wave

(04/20/2010)Revised section and added information to: Passwords, Secret Questions, and Social Security Numbers

Even though it is a very bad practice, people often use one or two passwords for everything. The reason this is a bad practice is that if your password gets stolen from one website, the thieves will then turn around and try it on a bunch of other website logins, especially financial websites. In fact, they can use programs to automate logging in to other websites, so thousands of logins can be attempted in a very short period of time. Your money can disappear in a click, and then it can take months or years to recover from the loss.

Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System

(03/18/2010) Added info about file-sharing software and info about how the internet was used by a disgruntled employee to disable automobiles and set off their horns via GPS.

File-sharing programs can also automatically share everything on your computer. Many young people use their parent's or caregriver's computers to download their music. When they do this, they are often opening up everything on that computer for search and access by anyone in the world. It does not even require any advanced skills to get that access. And, what is even worse is that some CD burning software automatically enables peer-to-peer file sharing along with CD burning and does not even notify you that it is doing this.

(03/14/2010) Added Government warns of stimulus Internet Scams

(03/04/2010) Added Researchers find weakness in RSA authentication - common digital security system

(02/23/2010) Added Augmented Identity: A new app makes it possible to identify people and learn about them just by pointing your phone.

(02/20/2010) Added Official: FBI probing Pa. school webcam spy case

Also added:

Auction Site Scams

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), "internet auction fraud accounted for 25.5% of referred complaints" in 2008.

eBay Guides - eBay Scams - 14 things you MUST know

Try to Stay Clear of Craigslist scams

(02/19/2010) Added Lawsuit: U.S. school spied on students via laptops

(02/13/2010) Added: Cambridge researchers show Chip and PIN system vulnerable to fraud

(02/08/2010) Added:

According to the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), "confirmed breaches in the United States in 2009 resulted in 222,477,043 records containing personally identifiable information being exposed to potential identity theft. " Read the whole article

When you consider this number in light of the current population of the United States, what do you think the chances are that somebody has your personal information and could use it to steal your identity?

Also Added:
Many organizations use a special security chip inside of computers called "Trusted Platform Module." It is used to protect really valuable data such as military secrets and trade secrets. Unfortunately, Security chip that does encryption in PCs hacked

(02/06/2010) Added Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings. Now!

(02/02/2010) Added Woman Says Dell Remotely Accessed Her Webcam

(02/01/2010) Added information about Internet Pirates
There are people selling and sharing illegal copies of software and music and other copyrighted items on the internet. These people are called pirates. If you download and/or buy and use illegal copies of copyrighted materials, you could be liable for up to $150,000 per violation. It pays to be very careful about what you are sharing or downloading or buying. Piracy Frequently Asked Questions

Added list of File-Sharing Sites

Also added Gangster used Facebook to intimidate enemies from cell

(01/27/2010) Added Fake Jobs: Job Search Scams are on the Rise in the Recession. Criminals are using your need for work as a way to steal your identity.

(01/19/2010) Added information about "Flashing Items on Web Pages Can Induce Seizures in Some People", Hackers Assault Epilepsy Patients Via Computer, Software tool helps Web developers identify seizure-causing content, and New IE hole exploited in attacks on U.S. firms.

(01/18/2010) Added article about Wardriving and article about Ransomware Encrypts Victim's Files With 1024-bit Key

(12/29/2009) Added Facebook Responsible for a Fifth of Divorces

(11/06/2009)Added what information Google collects on people

(11/01/2009)Added video which shows Identity For Sale ad from youtube

(10/29/2009)Added warning about phony work-at-home scams

(10/28/2009)Added warning about FDIC phishing scam emails

(10/16/2009)Added warning about fake Adobe Flash Update on facebook

(10/15/2009)Added download for RUBOTTED from Trend Micro, increased the current cost of downloading the fake antivirus virus from $69.95 to $89.95, upped the Zombie Network to 100 million computers, and rearranged a few topics.

(10/07/2009)Over 10,000 Hotmail/MSN/Live email account user names and passwords posted online

(10/05/2009) Added article about Security starts at home and about banking trojan that steals your money while you are connected to your bank account

(10/01/2009)Added picture of scareware screen

(9/24/2009) Added section about Internet Addictions; Where to Report Scams, Phishing, Crime, and Unknown Vulnerabilities; and a section about identity theft and fraud.

(9/26/2009) Added link to article "Is Malware Overwhelming the Internet?"