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Things You Need To Know


Things You Need to Know

These articles are updated when new information is available.

The Changing Threats on the Internet updated 07/29/2010 (update log)

Descriptions of the current threats on the internet that a person needs to know.

Protecting and Monitoring Our Children on the Internet updated 02/01/2010 (update log)

A parent's or caregiver's guide.

Grannie, Get Your Gun (05/11/2010)

Internet Scams and Financial Crimes, especially those targeting senior citizens

Beware of Computer Fire Hazards

Computers can burn your house or business down in a variety of ways. They burn down well over 300 structures every year. You need to know how to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

Changes in the Copyright Laws

Three new copyright laws were passed in 2008. This is a MUST READ if you or your children download music or videos from file-sharing websites or if you are thinking of installing copyrighted software that somebody let you borrow.

AVG Internet Security - Tough on threats.
Advanced Surface Treatments for the 21st Century

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